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What is resolution and how does it affect my image?

Digital images have pixels. Pixels are virtual dots that have no set dimension and can be printed at any size.

When we talk about the size of a digital image, we talk about pixels per inch, or ppi (or dots per inch/dpi). The dpi is the number of pixels in a linear inch and is also referred to as the resolution of the image.

The dimensions of an inch do not change, but if you are printing an inch of fabric, the pixels get smaller the more of them you squeeze into the square of physical space:

Pixel Per Inch

If you have an image that is 900 pixels wide, it will get smaller as you increase the ppi. If at 100 pixels per inch, it would print at nine inches wide, at 600 ppi you would get a printed image of only 1.5 inches wide:

Image Resolution effect

Best Resolution For DFW

Fabric fibers have more bleed and texture. There will not be a major difference in printing on fabrics at 72 or 150 ppi.

DFW supports a minimum of 72 ppi. If a file less than 72 ppi is uploaded we converted it to 72 ppi. This results in compression of the available information and a smaller printed size. If you upload a 150 ppi image, our system automatically converts it to 72 ppi, displaying it at bigger size.

Change the resolution of your uploaded images by changing the print size width and height parameters.