Designing Faqs

What images am I allowed to print with DFW?

Users are allowed to print the artwork of design owned or created by them.

If the artwork is on paper, the user will have to scan or capture the image at the highest possible resolution.

If the design has been created using designing software on the computer, you can upload that in the supported formats (JPEG, JPG & PNG files).

The Internet offers many resources for images that can be used for projects, but there are some important conditions to be adhered to:

  • Not all images on the internet can be used freely. You require permission or license which grants you the right to print the image.

  • Unless clearly stated, it’s best to assume that public domain or images with expired copyright are okay for personal, but not commercial use.

  • Images that are created or contain third party intellectual property is a violation of copyright laws, even if the User draws it on his own.

  • The 10% rule, which asserts that if you modify at least 10% of the design, it can be called YOURS is a total misconception. DO NOT use images with copyright. Modifying 10% of someone else’s design does not make it yours .

  • Representing someone else’s image as your own is not right. User should credit the original artist and source if displaying the work in any public form or on your own website