Designing Faqs

What are the repeat options?

Once the user uploads the design, s/he can choose to either center it or use our software to create a repeat.

Note: Always preview the image and select the layout option you love the best.

Basic Repeat:
It will tile your design from the lower left corner up and to the right to fill the available space of your order. If you upload an image larger than the area then we will crop it back towards the lower left corner. The design will not be stretched or changed in its dimensions. Check the preview to see the exact image style.

If you are ordering a swatch sized piece for a large design, reduce the size of the design to fit into the swatch.

Basic Repeat Preview

Half-Drop Repeat:
Just like basic repeat, except the design is repeated with a half-step vertically as you move to the right.

Half-Drop Repeat Preview

Half-Brick Repeat:
The difference here is that the design shifts half-step horizontally to the right as you move upwards... like bricks, hence the name.

Half-Brick Repeat Preview

Your design can be centered on fabric. DFW does not alter the size or dimensions of the design. If the size of the design does not match the size of product, the space around the edge of the design will not be printed.

Centered Preview

Mirror Repeat:
This layout tool mirrors your original design so that it folds out into four sections with every edge pixel identical to its immediate neighbour.

Mirror Repeat Preview