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Upload your Designs/Artwork for online sale and make commission with Digital Fabric World on every sale, every day. Enjoy payouts every two weeks at as little as $10 in earnings.

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A Marketplace That Is Truly For You.

If designing, art or creativity is your passion, DFW is the place for you.  Whether you are a professional graphic designer, artist, photographer, illustrator, or simply someone who loves designing, we are looking for you. Showcase your talent by uploading your work of art on Digital Fabric World and start earning handsomely immediately. It’s easy and it’s free.

Your hassle-free online store You are passionate about creating new designs and we would want you to concentrate on just that. We will do the selling, printing and customer service part. Register Now


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1. Create your designer account and upload your artwork.

2. Your design's online store visible for world wide customers.

3. Customer likes your design and buys fabric to print that design on.

4. You get 10% commission of the fabric value on every sale of your design.

5. Every two week you receive your payouts in your Paypal / Bank account / Paytm wallet for as little as $10. No delays or waiting periods.


There's a simple way making money doing what you love and seeing other people use your artwork to make amazing things. Once you’ve created your store with us, upload your design, add descriptive details, and submit it for sale, you are ready to start earning. Digital Fabric World marketplace is open for everyone From professional designers to hobbyists.

Take advantage of Exclusive Designs/Artwork

Designs sold as a Exclusive Design/Artwork at a higher price point (decided by you) and once purchased the design is instantly removed from the site for other customers. Designs sell as a Exclusive Design/Artwork on can not or be for sale anywhere else. For more details please see our Sellers License Agreement.

How much do you earn for exclusive designs

Sell your Design/Artwork in Exclusive Category and earn commission 60%(One time Design/Artwork sell commission)+10%(on fabric value for each order placed by that customer for that design).


Upon receiving an order from a customer through the Marketplace for one or more of your designs, Digital Fabric World will print your design on fabric and ship the products to the customer.