Exclusive Sell

If you wish to sell your design under the Exclusive Category, you will need to allow it for exclusive sale (One-time design Sell) and select the price for the same. Simply upload the design, accept the Terms and Conditions and add your design for online sale. The below mentioned Terms will be applicable for designs that are purchased under the ‘Exclusive Category’

Until a customer chooses to buy the Exclusive rights of a particular design, it will be available for standard purchase. And until then, the standard terms of use will be applicable.

  • Once a customer purchases the design with its Exclusive rights, the designer will have to ensure its removal from all other shops, stores and marketplaces across the globe online or offline.

  • You will receive 60% commission when a customer purchases the Exclusive rights of a design. This commission is a one-time commission and will be rolled out in the upcoming cycle.

  • Although, when the customer (who has purchased the Exclusive rights of the design) reorders the prints in the future, the designer will, each time, receive 10% commission on the fabric value.