Designer's FAQs

How do commissions work? 

What Are Commissions?

Every time a customer purchases one of your designs through DFW, you earn a base commission of 10% of the retail price of the sale. This is regardless of any discounted or promotional price that is being run on the website. Therefore if a customer buys a a yard of your design on Polyester Washer Satin, which has a retail price of $31.40 for 5 meters = $155.18, you will earn a base commission of $15.51, regardless of the fact that the customer used a coupon for this purchase.

The commission is added to your account and it can be paid out to your PayPal, Paytm or bank account if you choose to do so.

How Do I Get My Commissions paid out?

All the commission that you earn shows as your DFW wallet balance. This Wallet Balance can be used to purchase product on the DFW site and it can also be paid out to your PayPal / Paytm account or to your bank account through internet banking.

While the earned DFW commission is available to use on the website on immediate basis, the same is available for payout only once the order is dispatched.

If your commission is more than $10.00 then the payouts will occur every fortnight. To receive payouts, click on the "Commission Redemption" tab under market place section of your account page and send a Request to redeem. When your commissions are paid out, you will receive an email from Digital Fabric World.

 What If A Customer Cancels Their Order For My Design?

If a customer cancels the order or returns it, a debit will show in your account. Debits for returns or cancellations are not bound by the current month; an order placed in May might be returned in July, and show on your July balance as a debit.

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