Adding descriptive details to your design?

Your work doesn’t end at uploading a design. In fact it begins from there. To make your design popular and easy to find, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • Name your design:  A fun, innovative name that best describes your design
  • Describe your design:  A short description that would explain the design and attract the customers. Here you can write about what inspired you to create the design, the justification of colour scheme, etc.
  • Enter tags: descriptive words or phrases that will help customers find your designs when searching on DFW or search engines. For eg: Abstract, Nature, Camouflage, Animal print, etc. that best suits your design
  • Choose colours: Choose the dominating colours of your design and help customers find your design among others with similar colours
  • Select model category and models:  It will help customers to view the design preview of your print on the final output they desire to print it on
  • If you want to sell your design in Exclusive Category allowed it for exclusive sell and select price for exclusive sell (One-time design sell). Or if you want to sell your design in standard category left these 2 steps.
  • Choose your file you want to upload for sell.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions for online sell on Digital Fabric World.
  • Add your design for online sell.

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